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Process and collaborations with Debutante Intimates and Self Perform - artisanal garments and costume pieces.

Embodied Knowing 2022

16mm short film collaboration with film maker Jordan James Kaye which captures my meditative creative process during my exploratory movement pieces. I 've included some short clips from the film below.


 Speech given for Emboddied Knowledge Film Screening 

ACMI (Australian Centre Moving Image) Melbourne, 28/02/2023

I cry every time I watch this film because it is one of those rare moments in life where you feel so astoundingly seen and understood by another person, let alone two in a whole 11 minutes and 25 seconds.


Not only was I seeing visually the emotions I feel when painting, but I was honoured with experiencing both Justin and Jordan truly gifted creatives immersed deep within their own forms of expression, working intuitively but also navigating the hectic technicalities of their chosen modalities. 


This film began as an ambiguous attempt to convey what the painting process means to me. Where I have the opportunity to observe the way my body engages in movement. The different postures, gestures and mark-making allowing a clearer understanding of my inner story needing to be expressed. 


What this film became was the amalgamation of Jordan Justin and I responding to one another’s creative process in a space of safety, spontaneity and surrender. This film communicates what words and the canvas cannot.

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