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Dance of the Shades - with Mollie Wilson

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Marfa Gallery

La Danse des Ombres (Dance of the shades)
An exhibition by Mollie Wilson and Maya Irving.

Maya and Mollie were united by a mutual fascination with unconscious instinct, realised in their abstract painting processes. For both artists, instinctual movement is utilised as a channel through which to access unconscious states beneath the surface of intelligibility. Form and order emerging from chaotic formlessness. A playful dance of intuition providing space for heightened self-reflection. Maya has described her process as “falling into an embodied state” which echoes Mollie’s fascination with the lived body as the grounding of our fundamental perspective. Despite the increased technologization and hyper-rationality of our modern world, we humans are still confined by our physicality; we have not overcome the natural limits that our bodies set for us. In this exhibition, both artists return to their bodily experience with gratitude and curious self-exploration. The ‘shades’ are not an ominous energy; they are the unconscious life force flowing through us all. They are all too human.

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