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Embodied Knowing


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NGBE Gallery

I booked this exhibition when difficult changes in my life were occurring. A time where I felt lost and overwhelmed, completely detached from my body. I needed painting and my process more than ever before and wanted to create a body of work to help find solace in solitude. Warmth in the quiet moments.
These past few months have been a time of turning inwards and slowly outwards. A process of deeply trusting my intuition, and of gaining a closer understanding of my body and self. Movement has been my portal to investigate and communicate embodied truths authentically. To explore these truths in a space of safety and surrender. I have shed old skins, eased into new postures and celebrated the dark currents within. They are as important a part of me as the light.
I have immersed myself fully into each painting, observing feelings of anger, hurt, excitement, arousal and playfulness arise and move across the surface I am painting like passing clouds. Each emotion
finds a resting place on the canvas, helping to nudge me in the direction I am seeking. These colourful marks of meaning are my emotional body manifest, resting in one place, no longer tied to me.

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