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No Language To Form


Client Name



Lupine Studio

Solo Exhibition and Live Performance with Ellie Hanuska


June 2023

This body of work reflects my journey in healing from a traumatic assault that occurred in December of last year, conveying the delicate intricacies of my healing journey in a non-linear and spontaneous way, holding the shadows of loneliness and uncertainty, the trickles of warmth and capsules of release.

Despite the damage caused to my body, painting has continued to guide my mind to softer landings and carry my limbs beyond my own expectations, rediscovering a sense of lightness and freedom within.

Dark, wintery, electronic music has guided the formation of this body of work. The powerful and evocative soundscapes enabled me to connect more deeply with my triggers and emotions and gifting me with a sense of solidarity and company in my darkest moments.

This exhibition stands as a way to close the chapter on a difficult six months and move forward with resilience and strength, knowing that my sunshine has only been paused and I am capable to reclaiming what was taken.

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