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Dislocated Reflection



Acrylic and charcoal on unprimed canvas.


137cm H x 153cm W


Prior to commencing painting the Artist writes a stream of consciousness to guide the initial mark making process, as written below. 


‘with breath and presence frozen in the space between the mirror and your outstretched hand you make of your limbs a bunker, tears sewn inwards, a sheath against his weighted fracturing of your hardened structure


It’s not like what you heard so it mustn’t be true, but in your dislocated reflection you watch as the familiarity of your own existence extracts itself from those hazel eyes


and you feel an emptiness that shields you from the pain and knowing but to know yourself feels unknown unknown unknown


It’s been a year and your armour of tears has gently unravelled for the return of your familiar but still that disclocation remains in the capsule of this moment so poignant and loud and lonely'.


Delivery not included for outside of Victoria, Australia. Price on request.


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