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Release in Surrender



Canvas from live painting at 'A Curated Supper' as a part of the Beechworth Bienalle 2024. The canvas remains untouched and true to the energy and intention of the moment.


'Release in Surrender'


1.8m x 4.0 m


Acrylic and charcoal on canvas. Unstretched but can be stretched for an additional fee.


Prior to commencing painting the Artist writes a stream of consciousness to guide the initial mark making process, as written below. 


'In the inhale it grates - gnashing heaving clefting the spine a pinch in the longing for expansion but to clear the system you hold tension friction restraint hold hold hold hold clench clench clench clencch ahhhhhhhhh sexy swaying stunning SIGH - release in surrender a tightened pelvis birthing new breath like 

ruptured skin threads stitching, a supple sheath, weathered and strong, in softness it holds, expansion within, penetration impossibleThe coffee sticks to my teeth in its furry way and I let a tear roll down my cheek for no reason but because it can'.


Delivery not included for outside of Victoria, Australia. Price on request.


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