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Returning Home to You



Acrylic, charcoal and oil pastel on primed canvas.


Stretched over Chapman and Bailey stretcher bars.


137cm x 150cm


Prior to commencing painting the Artist writes a stream of consciousness to guide the initial mark making process, as written below. 


‘I feel their weight on my skin when I float in my dreams, a presence lingering, chains to a broken wrist.


Why do I love the clouds so?


They float peacefully, riding the pace of a longggg exhale. Sometimes a pant, sometimes a sneeze, sometimes a breath afraid to let go.

They show a notion of collective support, work as one, not against. They amalgamate, break free, when the timing feels right.


They allow me to pause and exhale. What I notice in their shapes gifts me a deeper understanding of my inner landscape. Without the clouds where would I be? Who would i be?


It brings me to tearsssssssssss, salty salty salty tasty tasty tasty fluffy fluffy drapey drippy tears.


Returning home to you’.


Delivery not included for outside of Victoria, Australia. Price on request.


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